Lena Platonos

Pianist, composer, and vocalist Lena Platonos is a pioneer of the Greek electronic music scene, with over a dozen albums and numerous music videos dating back to the early '80s. She was responsible for some of the first Greek pop recordings to primarily utilize synthesizers, and her otherworldly songs combined minimalist electronic soundscapes with poetic, surrealist lyrics about relationships, dreams, and the societies of the future. She has a vast experience as a performer and collaborator spanning decades of innovative cutting egde work. During the pandemic Lena Platonos withdrew in the studio and planned ahead on three projects: Balancers a series of demo tapes and unreleased tracks from the 80’s (Dark Entries Records), and Hope Is The Things With Feathers, a collection of love poems by Emily Dickinson set to electronic compositions written by Lena Platonos. She currently is recording her first techno album set for release in 2023.