Free Tree Reef (Responding to Abalone by William Cashion and Ami Dang)

By Hannah Emerson

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Love the lovely 
kissing that is 
treeing treeing treeing 
needing the beauty 

help yearning tree itself 
reality trees itself yearning 
towards the growing growing 
growing become the beauty 

that is treeing treeing treeing 
become the freedom that is 
growing towards the very beautiful 
ground itself yes yes yes

Love the lovely
treeing that is 
becoming the dream 
tree yes yes

Kiss the jutting 
freedom that grows
really trees into 
trees trees trees 

trees trees that grow
into the reef reef 
reef that is growing 
yearning to grow grow 

grow grow grow tree tree 
tree tree tree freedom yes

Hannah Emerson is the author of The Kissing of Kissing. She is also the author of a chapbook, You Are Helping This Great Universe Explode. Emerson is a nonspeaking autistic poet whose work has been featured in The Paris Review, Poetry magazine, The Nation, BOMB magazine, the Poetry Society of America, Literary Hub, and the Brooklyn Rail. She lives in Lafayette, New York.