The French Brooklyn-based duo Cosmic Gardens presents an immersive multi-sensorial show that combines indie electronic music, stunning visuals and tantalizing smells to take you on an introspective exploratory journey.

June 23, 2023
8:00 pm
This event has passed

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Cosmic Gardens is a Brooklyn-based French duo of electronic music composers, live performers and multi-sensorial show producers. They are exploring a new kind of self-proclaimed Organic Indietronica, combining guitars, drums and keys with electronic beats and synthesizers.

One is a multi-instrumentalist, the other is a perfumer. Together they express a multi-sensorial way to connect to music and to explore a wide spectrum of duality: from nature’s roots to space exploration, from sensorial to spiritual, from organic to artificial. Through their compositions, they question themes of identity, connection to nature, return to the roots and search for meaning in uncertain times.

They found inspiration in renowned artists such as Daft Punk, Rone and M83 as well as more confidential ones like Hermanos Gutiérrez, French 79 and Thylacine.

By combining tunes and throbs with fragrances, they create an unforgettable immersive experience that transports audiences into a world of sensory delight. 

Notable past performances include the renowned Lincoln Center in June 2022 where they presented the première of their Live Immersive Show, and the Avant Gardner in March 2023, a prominent club in Bushwick, cradle of cutting-edge art and nightlife.

Visual creations: Valentin V Delouis

VJing: Dmitry Trekhsvyatsky

derek muro is a creator of music that embraces concepts of emotion, cultural memory, media and perception while seeking to increase human connection. Beginning in Brooklyn DIY music and art circles while also working as a church organist, he is now an award-winning composer for film and interactive media as a partner at YouTooCanWoo. With a diverse career that has included performances at BAM, Yale Institute for Music Theatre and a stint working at Hans Zimmer’s studio, he has released work on the toucan sounds and Acrylic labels.

Jun 23

Cosmic Gardens Experience