A weekly tally of memorable things Steve Smith has stuck in his ears.

Spotify jukebox does not correspond precisely with the selections listed, but maintains the playlist’s continuity and personality.

KitaroThe Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai, Vol. 5 (Domo Music Group; 2017)

Premiata Forneria Marconi35… E Un Minuto (Sony BMG Italy; 2007)

Grateful DeadDave’s Picks, Vol. 24: Berkeley, CA, 8/25/72 (Grateful Dead/Rhino; 2017)

Les Filles de IllighadadEghass Malan (Sahel Sounds; 2017)

Rachel’sHandwriting (Quarterstick; 1995)

astrïd & Rachel GrimesThrough the Sparkle (Gizeh; 2017)

Muhal Richard AbramsSpihumonesty (Black Saint; 1980)

Fergus KellyLocal Knowledge (Unfathomless; 2017)

The Comet Is ComingChannel the Spirits (Special Edition) (Leaf; 2017)

Sons of KemetLest We Forget What We Came Here to Do (Naim Jazz; 2015)

Hafdís Bjarnadóttir (self-released; 2017)

Hafdís BjarnadóttirSounds of Iceland (self-released; 2015)

RapoonSanctus Equinox (Winter-Light; 2017)

Gyða ValtýsdottirEpicycle (Smekkleysa/figureight; 2016/2017)

Philip GlassKoyaaniqatsi – Philip Glass Ensemble, Collegiate Chorale, New York Philharmonic/Michael Riesman (New York Philharmonic; 2014)

Steve ReichDouble Sextet; Radio Rewrite – Ensemble Signal/Brad Lubman (Harmonia Mundi; 2016)

Mark Soand suddenly from all this there came some horrid music – Cristián Alvear, Gudinni Cortina (caduc.; 2017)

Dave ClarksonA Red Guide to the Coastal Quicksand of the British Isles (Linear Obsessional; 2017)

Sarah HenniesKnees (self-released; 2017)

Manfred Werder20092 – Miguel Prado, Manfred Werder (Heresy; 2012)

Jeph JermanFor Loris – Loris (Never Come Ashore; 2011)

ProjeKct XHeaven and Earth (DGM; 2000)

The Staves & yMusicThe Way Is Read (Nonesuch; digital Nov. 24, 2017, physical Dec. 1, 2017)

BjörkUtopia (One Little Indian; due Nov. 24, 2017)

Marginal FrequencyOrgan for the Senses (Marginal Frequency; 2017)
> Michael PisaroSecular Reason; Samuel DunscombeAn Inside-out Map Of the Spreckels Organ Pavilion; Steven Andrew FlatoFace South Toward the Storm; Wen Liu, Celeste Oram, Johannes RegnierArtificial Horizons

Christian Fennesz/Sachiko M/Peter Rehberg/Otomo YoshihideErstLive 004 (Erstwhile; 2005)