Eva-Maria Houbenvoice with piano – Irene Kurka, Eva-Maria Houben (Edition Wandelweiser; 2017)
> adagio; lyrik; lieder für die insel

Eva-Maria Houbenvoice with harp – Tatiana Kuzina, Christine Kazarian (Edition Wandelweiser; 2017)
> aeolian harp; adagio; hatid; two songs with piano; songs for the island

Tangerine DreamCleveland, June 24th 1986 (TDC/Voiceprint; 2005)

Laurence Crane6 Trios, 2 Solos and 1 Quintet – Ives Ensemble (RTF Classical; 2017)
> Trio for Ros and Peter; Air; Processional; Len Valley Us; Piano Quintet; Hugo Pine; Jurgen Hip; 10,000 Green Bottles; Klavierstücke opus 84 or 85 “Keith Miller Project”

Eva-Maria Houben, Rebecca Lane, Samuel Dunscombeobserving objects (Edition Wandelweiser; 2017)

Napalm DeathCoded Smears and More Uncommon Slurs (Century Media; 2005-15/2018)

Weston Olenckitunnels (self-released; 2018)

Philip SulidaeVariations on Plastic (Hemisphäreの空虚; 2018)

Leo OkagawaBuzz on the Moon (Hemisphäreの空虚; 2018)

Masayuki ImanishiMaze (Hemisphäreの空虚; 2018)

Christina VantzouNo. 1 (Kranky; 2011)

Christina VantzouNo. 2 (Kranky; 2014)

Christina VantzouNo. 3 (Kranky; 2015)

Christina VantzouNo. 4 (Kranky; 2018)

Arnold SchoenbergFive Pieces for Orchestra (Op. 16); Anton WebernSix Pieces (Op. 6); Alban BergLulu Suite – Arleen Augér, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra/Simon Rattle (EMI Classics; 1989/2003)

Samuel CedilloMonólogo III – Alexander Bruck (YouTube; 2013)

Cecil TaylorFor Olim (Soul Note; 1987)

Cecil TaylorSilent Tongues (Freedom; 1975)

Cecil TaylorIn East Berlin (FMP; 1989)

Cecil TaylorGarden 1st Set (hatOLOGY; 1982/2015)

Cecil TaylorGarden 2nd Set (hatOLOGY; 1982/2016)

Cecil TaylorThe Willisau Concert (Intakt; 2002)

Jon HassellFourth World, Vol. 1: Possible Musics (Editions EG; 1980)

Jon HassellFourth World, Vol. 2: Dream Theory in Malaya (Editions EG; 1981)

Various artistsMiracle Steps (Music from the Fourth World 1983-2017) (Optimo Music; 2017)

Tangerine DreamThe Official Bootleg Series, Volume Two (Cherry Red; 1978-80/2016)

William SelmanMusica Enterrada (Mysteries of the Deep; 2018)