David Murray Octet – Ming (Black Saint; 1980)

Henry Threadgill 14 or 15 Kestra: AggDirt… and More Dirt (Pi Recordings; due May 18, 2018)

Henry ThreadgillDouble Up, Plays Double Up Plus (Pi Recordings; due May 18, 2018)

Cecil TaylorLive in the Black Forest (MPS; 1979)

Cecil TaylorDark to Themselves (Enja; 1976)

Cecil TaylorFly! Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly! (MPS; 1981)

Cecil TaylorUnit Structures (Blue Note; 1966/1987)

Cecil TaylorConquistador (Blue Note; 1966/2004)

King CrimsonLive in Vienna (DGM; 2018)

Tonto’s Expanding Head BandZero Time (Atlantic/Rhino; 1972/2012)

Constance DembyNovus Magnificat: Through the Stargate (Hearts of Space; 1986)

Michael StearnsEncounter (A Journey in the Key of Space) (Hearts of Space; 1988)

Steve MoorePangaea Ultima (Spectrum Spools; 2013)

Laurence CraneChamber Works 1992-2009 – Apartment House (Another Timbre; 2014)
> Sparling; Trio; Raimondas Rumsas; See Our Lake; Sparling; Riis; Bobby J; Sparling 2000; Estonia; Seven Short Pieces; Piano Piece No. 23 “Ethiopian Distance Runners”; Four Miniatures; Come Back to the Old Specimen Cabinet John Vigani, John Vigani Part 1; John White in Berlin

Robert RichNumena + Geometry (Fathom; 1987, 1991/1997)

Danny Claystills (IIKKI Books; 2016)

Andrea Belfialveare (IIKKI Books; 2017)

Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischerlowlands (IIKKI Books; 2017)

Masaya Ozaki & Kaito NakahoriMythologies (IIKKI Books; 2017)

Scott WorthingtonOrbit (IIKKI Books; 2018)

Jonathan Harvey – String Quartet No. 4 – Arditti Quartet (Aeon; 2009)

Archie SheppFire Music (Impulse!; 1965)

Eva-Maria HoubenCapriccio (unreleased recording posted by The Wire; 2018)

Mike ShifletTetracosa, Volume Four (preview tracks) (self-released; due April 24, 2018)

Andrea Parkins and Brian ChaseAvalanche of Routes (Confront)

Caroline ParkLive Your Best Factory Life (Glistening Examples; 2018)

Taneli ViljanenMetallisilmä, Haaksirikko (Glistening Examples; 2018)

Cecil TaylorAkisakila (Trio; 1973/2006)

Tangerine DreamTangram (Virgin; 1980/1995)