John ColtraneBoth Directions at Once: The Lost Album (Impulse!; 1963/2018)

Public Image Ltd.The Public Image Is Rotten (Songs from the Heart) (Virgin; 2018)

RiverrunLilliput (self-released; 2018)

Michael FinnissyChoralvorspiele; Andersen-Liederkreis – Juliet Fraser, Mark Knoop (hat(now)ART; due Aug. 24, 2018. Audio sample here.)

AnáhuacY_y (Astral Spirits; 2018)

Phyllis Chen and Nathan DavisThe Other Mozart (self-released; 2018)

ZhalihInrushes (preview tracks) (Eilean; due Aug. 8, 2018)

Lake MaryKoda (preview tracks) (Eilean; due Aug. 8, 2018)

King CrimsonPalau dels Esports, Granollers (Barcelona), Spain, Nov. 27, 1973 (DGMLive; 2018. Audio samples here.)

WindhandEternal Return (Relapse; due Oct. 5, 2018)

Ellen PhanIdeomotor Response (Bánh Mì Verlag; 2018)

Michael WinterPreliminary Thoughts (Bánh Mì Verlag; 2018)

Cont ExtCon / eixeMent (Bánh Mì Verlag; 2018)

Various artistsAll Star Mixtape (Bánh Mì Verlag; 2018)

EnduranceCloud, Castle, Lake (Cosmic Winnetou; 2018)

EbaucheFormic Syntax (Cosmic Winnetou; 2018)

NavelThe Gnome’s Pond (Cosmic Winnetou; 2018)

Günter SchlienzTristan Magnetique (Otomatik Muziek; 2018)

Stefan MathieuRadiance II: Music for the Answer and Radiance III: Black Square for Robert Fludd (from Radiance) (Schwebung; 2016-18)

Melaine DalibertMusique pour le lever du jour (Elsewhere; 2018)

Steve RoachReturn to the Dreamtime (Timeroom Direct; 2018)

YOBOur Raw Heart (Relapse; 2018)

Josh ModneyEngage (New Focus; 2018)
> Sam Pluta – Jem Altieri with a Ring Modulator Circuit; Taylor Brook – Vocalise; Kate Soper – Cipher; Anthony Braxton – Composition No. 222; Johann Sebastian Bach – Ciaccona; Eric Wubbels – “the children of fire come looking for fire”; Josh Modney – Polyphony (for SP); Cadential; Engage; Pastoral; Range

Derek Bailey/Jamie MuirDart Drug (Incus/Honest Jon’s; 1981/2018. Audio samples here.)

Cold Electric FireThe Alchemist: The Complete Recordings of Cold Electric Fire (No Rent; 1998-2003/2018)

Alvin LucierCriss Cross/Hanover (Black Truffle; 2018. Audio samples here.)
> Criss Cross – Oren Ambarchi, Stephen O’Malley; Hanover – Ever Present Orchestra

Jeph Jerman/Tim BarnesThe Finger’d Remove (Feeding Tube; 2018. Audio samples here.)

Musarc & Neil LuckBloody Sirens (Entr’acte; 2018)

Bruno Duplant & Darius CiutaSHED I (Triple Bath; 2013)

Brian Kinkade#1 (Bitter A/V; 2017)

Digital Natives/Brian Kinkade/R#2 (Bitter A/V; 2017)