Graham LambkinNo Better No Worse (Vol. 2) (self-released; 2001-17/2018)

Charalambides – “True Love” from Charalambides: Tom and Christina Carter (Drawing Room; due Oct. 12, 2018)

Jim O’RourkeSteamroom 41 (Steamroom; 2018)

Michael PisaroStem-Flower-Root – Nate Wooley (SoundCloud; 2018)

Sarah HenniesEverything Else – University of South Carolina Experimental Music Workshop/Greg Stuart (SoundCloud; 2017)

Andrea BorghiSuperelief (Hemisphäreの空虚; 2018)

Philip SulidaePetrification and Stride (Hemisphäreの空虚; 2018)

James McVinnieThe Grid (Orange Mountain Music; 2018. Audio samples here.)
> Philip GlassÉtoile Polaire (from North Star); Vessels, Pruit Igoe, and The Grid (from Koyaanisqatsi); Mad Rush

Sumac – “Attis’ Blade” from Love in Shadow (Thrill Jockey; due Sept. 21, 2018)

Stefan MathieuRadiance V: For Franz Wright (from Radiance) (Schwebung; 2016-18)

Kalmanovitch Maneri DuoMagic Mountain (Perspicacity; 2016)

Bruno Duplant, Julien Héraud, Nate Wooley TrioMovement and Immobility (Peira; 2012)

Robert HonsteinAn Economy of Means (New Focus; 2018)
> An Economy of Means – Doug Perkins; Grand Tour – Karl Larson

King CrimsonConvention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ, July 31, 1982 (DGMLive; 2007. Audio samples here.)

Jeffry AstinRecognizely Immedeated (Housecraft; 2018)

J/RAssuredly Volatile Iterations (Housecraft; 2018)

Digital NativesBad Acid’s All the Fun (Housecraft; 2018)

Ryan BeppelOccupational Hazard – unidentified performers (SoundCloud; 2016) *

Arash Yazdaniof that which is – Ensemble for New Music Talinn/Arash Yazdani (SoundCloud; 2018) *

William DoughertyThree Formants for Five Trombones – unidentified performers (SoundCloud; 2014) *

Yair KlartagCon forza di gravità – unidentified performers (SoundCloud; 2014) *

Jeffrey Arlo BrownMotion Harmony #6 – Ensemble for New Music Talinn (YouTube; 2015) *

Catherine Lambshade/gradient (Black Pollen Press; 2018)

Grant EvansErgot Dogs (Adversary Electronics; 2018)

Phil MaguireFolamh, endless (Hemisphäreの空虚; 2018)

Christopher CerroneInvisible Overture – Orchestre National de Lorraine/Diego Masson (SoundCloud; 2012)

Christopher FoxTopophony – John Butcher, Axel Dörner, Thomas Lehn, Paul Lovens, WDR Sinfonieorchester/Ilan Volkov (hat[now]ART; 2018)

Bernhard LangHermetica V “Fremde Sprachen” – Gareth Davis, Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart (Contempuls; 2016)

Catherine Christer HennixSelected Early Keyboard Works (Blank Forms; 2018)
> Mode nouvelle des modalités; The Well-Tuned Marimba; Equal Temperament Fender Mix

Iron MaidenA Matter of Life and Death (Sanctuary; 2006)

George MačiūnasMuzikos Notacijos Sistemos = Musical Scoring Systems – Apartment House (Lithuanian Music Information and Publishing Centre; 2014)
> In Memoriam to Adriano Olivetti (Version for Ensemble); Solo for Rich Man; Piece for 3 Mouths (Homage to Toshi Ichiyanagi); Solo for Balloons (for Jean Pierre Wilhelm); In Memoriam to Adriano Olivetti (Version for String Quartet); Homage to Philip Corner (Version for Clarinet, Cello, and Piano); Solo for Violin (for Sylvano Bussotti); Music for Everyman

Fausto RomitelliAudiodrome – Dead City Radio – Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale della RAI/Peter Rundel (Stradivarius; 2007) **

Hughes DufourtL’Afrique d’après Tiepolo – ensemble recherche (Kairos; 2010) **

Francisco Guerrero MarínSáhara – Orquesta Sinfónica De Galicia/José Ramón Encinar (Col Legno; 2003) **

Ana-Maria AvramTextures Liminales (III) – Hyperion International/Ana-Maria Avram (YouTube; 2012) **

Emil WojtackiZwiastunowie (Ángeloi). …qui custodiant, foveant, protegant, visitent, atque defendant… (Compline) – Anna Zawisza, Silva Rerum Ensemble (Capella Angelica) (SoundCloud; 2017)

Kristina WolfeRecord of Ancient Mirrors – Doug Balliett, Novus NY/Scott Jarrett (SoundCloud; 2018)

* inspired by “The Death and Life of Spectral Music” by Jeffrey Arlo Brown, published by VAN Magazine, August 23, 2018.

** heard on Polyphonic Perversity, broadcast by Dan Ruccia on WXDU-FM, August 27, 2018.