Henning ChristiansenOp. 50 Requiem of Art (Aus “Celtic”) Fluxorum Organum II ‎(Penultimate Press; 2016)

Henning ChristiansenOpus 67 STRATEGYGETARTS A Symphony, Hommage À Richard Demarco (Penultimate Press; 2017)

MKWAJU ensembleMKWAJU (Better Days/WRWTFWW; 1981/2018.)

Eliane RadigueŒuvres électroniques (INA-GRM; 2018. Audio samples here.)
> Chry-ptus (version 2001); Geelriandre; Chry-ptus (version 2006); Biogenesis; Arthesis; Ψ 847 (version concert); Adnos I-III; Les Chants de Milarepa; Trilogie de la Mort; L’Île re-sonante

Alvin LucierSo You … (Hermes, Orpheus, Eurydice) – Jessika Kenney, Anthony Burr, Charles Curtis, Tom Erbe (Black Truffle; 2018. Audio sample here.)

Billy Gomberglive sets 2016-18 (self-released; 2018)

Matthew Golombisky’s CuentosVolume 3 (ears&eyes; 2018)

TaintEnchanting the Void (Salvation Salivation; 2014)

Caroline ParkLive Your Best Factory Life (Glistening Examples; 2018)

D.O.R (featuring crys cole)Hestekur (Caduc.; 2017)

Brian GreenTranscript (self-released; 2012)

James WeeksTide – Apartment House (Métier; 2013)
> Tide; Burnham Air; Tide; Sky

CremasterLive at Sound 323 23 November 2002 (Sound 323/Confront; 2003/2018)

Chapel of Disease…And As We Have Seen the Storm, We Have Embraced the Eye (Ván; 2018)

Funeral MistHekatomb (NoEvDia; 2018)

KhemmisDesolation (20 Buck Spin; 2018)

Mournful CongregationThe Incubus of Kharma (20 Buck Spin; 2018)

Tomb MoldManor of Infinite Forms (20 Buck Spin; 2018)