Bent KneeLand Animal (Inside Out/Sony; 2017)

Derek BaileySolo – London 1985 (YouTube; 1985)

Derek BaileyPlaying for Friends on 5th Street (Straw2Gold Pictures/YouTube; 2004)

Ekin FilWindblow (Longform Editions; 2018)

ChamPocco (Longform Editions; 2018)

Steam Vent* Swells (Longform Editions; 2018)

Marha AhtiEntering a Cloud (Longform Editions; 2018)

Charlotte HugSon-Icon Music: Orchestral and Choral Works (Fundacja Słuchaj; 2018)
> Nachtplasmen – Lucerne Festival Academy Ensemble/Charlotte Hug; Inn Camino – Via-Nova-Chor Munich

Gérard PessonMusique de chambre, Cantates – Marion Tassou, EXAUDI, L’Instant Donné (NoMadMusic; 2018)
> La lumière n’a pas de bras pour nous porter; Cassation; Rébus; Cinq chansons; Bruissant divisé; La vita è come l’albero di Natale; Etant l’arrière-son; John TavernerIn nomine (arr. Gérard Pesson); Instant Tonné; La lumière n’a pas de bras pour nous porter (arr. Frédéric Pattar); Cantate égale pays No. 1; Cantate égale pays No. 2; Cantate égale pays No. 3

Banabila & MachinefabriekEntropia (Eilean; due Jan. 3, 2019)

Christian Wolff/Antoine BeugerWhere Are We Going, Today (Erstwhile; 2018)

Kevin DrummJune Spill (self-released; 2018)

Kepla & DeForrest Brown Jr.The Wages of Being Black Is Death (PTP; 2018)

Robert HonsteinAn Economy of Means (New Focus; 2018)
> An Economy of Means – Doug Perkins; Grand Tour – Karl Larson

Olivia de PratoStreya (New Focus; 2018)
> Samson YoungAgeha, Tokyo; Victor LowrieStreya; Ned RothenbergPercorso Insolito; Taylor BrookWane; Reiko FütingTanz Tanz; Missy MazzoliVespers for Violin

Tyshawn SoreyVerisimilitude (Pi Recordings; 2017)

Mary HalvorsonCode Girl (Firehouse 12; 2018)

Jeff SnyderConcerning the Nature of Things (Carrier; 2018)
> Concerning the Nature of Things – Caroline Shaw, Gabriel Crouch, Wet Ink Ensemble; Fictitious Forces – Jason Treuting, Yumi Tamashiro, Eric Cha-Beach; Substratum – Susan Alcorn, Mivos Quartet/Mike Mulshine; Undeciphered Writing – Sideband/Jascha Narveson; Ghostline – Sideband/Jeff Snyder

Natalie Braginsky2018 (self-released; 2018)

Natalie Braginskythe harvest is past, the summer is ended (self-released; 2018)

Natalie Braginskyerupt in silence (self-released; 2018)

Anthony Braxton3 Compositions (EEMHM) 2011 (Firehouse 12; 2016)

Anthony BraxtonGTM (Syntax) 2017 – Tri-Centric Choir (New Braxton House; due Jan. 25, 2019)