Alvin CurranDead Beats – Reinier van Houdt (Moving Furniture; 2019)
> Inner Cities No. 9 (‘9-11-01’); Dead Beats

Linda Catlin SmithAmong the Tarnished Stars; Olivier MessiaenQuatuor pour la fin du temps – Apartment House (Another Timbre; 2019)

Lea BertucciResonant Field (NNA Tapes; due July 19, 2019)

James Weekswindfall – Mira Benjamin (Another Timbre; 2019)

Father BefouledHoly Rotten Blood (Dark Descent; 2019)

Catherine LambPoint/Wave – Cristián Alvear (Another Timbre; 2019)

Federico PozzerBreaths – Federico Pozzer, Lucio Tasca, Dejana Sekulić, Colin Frank, Kathryn Williams, Brice Catherin (Another Timbre; 2019)
> Breath II; Noises; Meetings

Melaine DalibertCheminant (Elsewhere; due July 1, 2019)

Bruno DuplantLettres et Replis – Reinier van Houdt (Elsewhere; due July 1, 2019)

Michael PisaroBarricades – Shira Legmann (Elsewhere; due July 1, 2019)

Dave Douglas|Uri Caine|Andrew CyrilleDevotion (Greenleaf Music; 2019)

Harris EisenstadtOld Growth Forest II (Astral Spirits; 2019)

Misery IndexRituals of Power (Season of Mist; 2019)

DeiphagoI, The Devil (Hell’s Headbangers; 2019)

Full of HellWeeping Choir (Relapse; 2019)

Plebeian GrandstandLowgazers (Throatruiner; 2014)

EncoffinationWe Proclaim Your Death O’ Lord (Selfmadegod; 2019)

MonstrosityThe Passage of Existence (Metal Blade; 2018)

Beth AndersonSwales and Angels – Rubio String Quartet, Jessica Marsten, Joseph Kubera, piano, Andrew Bolotowsky, André Tarantiles, Darren Campbell, David Rozenblatt, Gary M. Schneider (New World; 2004)
> March Swale; Pennyroyal Swale; New Mexico Swale; The Angel; January Swale; Rosemary Swale; Piano Concerto

DeradoorianThe Expanding Flower Planet (Anticon; 2015)

M. Geddes GengrasI Am the Last of That Green and Warm-Hued World (Hausu Mountain; 2019)

Grateful DeadMemorial Stadium, Seattle, WA, May 24, 1995 (audience tape; 1995)

Garcia PeoplesTrans-Pecos, Brooklyn, March 24, 2019 (NYCTaper; 2019)

Ryley Walker/David Grubbs/Ryan Jewell/C. Spencer YehUnion Pool, Brooklyn, NY, March 26, 2019 (NYCTaper; 2019)

Kiki PauHiisi (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond; 2019)

Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel BandAll Time Present (No Quarter; 2019)

Prana CrafterBodhi Cheetah’s Choice (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond; 2019)

Cave InJupiter (Hydra Head; 2000/2014)

Ancient OceanTitan’s Moon (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond; 2017)

Kevin DrummBad Dreams part 1 (Bandcamp subscriber exclusive; 2018. More information here.)

Gabriel KahaneBook of Travelers (Nonesuch; 2019)

Elvis Costello/Bill FrisellDeep Dead Blue (Warner Bros.; 1995)

Tom CarterName Without a Number (Bandcamp subscriber exclusive; 2018. More information here.)