Vivian FungBirdsong – unidentified performers (SoundCloud; 2012)

Sofia GubaidulinaDancer on a Tightrope – Violaine Melançon, Seth Knopp (YouTube; 2015)

Olga NeuwirthQuasare/Pulsare – Irvine Arditti, Nicolas Hodges (Kairos; 2017)

Franghiz Ali-ZadehHabil-Sayagy (In Habil’s Style) – Yo-Yo Ma, Joel Fan (Sony Classical; 2002)

Étendues Silencieuses by Bruno Duplant

Bruno DuplantÉtendues Silencieuses – Minami Saeki, Taku Sugimoto (Inexhaustible Editions; 2019)

La Perpetuidad Del Esbozo #3 by Santiago Astaburuaga

Santiago AstaburuagaLa Perpetuidad del Esbozo #3 – Cristián Alvear, Makoto Oshiro, Hiroyuki Ura (Inexhaustible Editions; 2018)

To The Memory Of by Antoine Beuger

Antoine BeugerTo the Memory Of – Nikolaus Gerszewski, Conceptual Soundproductions Budapest (Inexhaustible Editions; 2017)

Pacific RangeThe Chapel, San Francisco, CA, Sept. 6, 2019 (audience recording; 2019. Learn more here.)

Tim ParkinsonPiano Music 2015-16 – Mark Knoop (all that dust; 2019)

Cassandra MillerSongs About Singing – Juliet Fraser, Plus-Minus Ensemble (all that dust; 2019)

Philip GlassAnnunciation – Paul Barnes, Brooklyn Rider (Orange Mountain Music; due Oct. 25, 2019. Audio samples here.)
> Piano Quintet (“Annunciation”); Pendulum; String Quartet No. 8; Quartet Satz; Communion Hymn for the Annunciation

interior | exterior by Cristián Alvear & Santiago Astaburuaga

Cristián Alvear/Santiago Astaburuagainterior | exterior (Caduc.; 2019)

Georgia RodgersA to B | Late lines (all that dust; 2019)
> A to B – Serge Vuille; Late lines – Séverine Ballon

Karlheinz StockhausenKontakte – George Barton, Siwan Rhys (all that dust; 2019)

Chris Burnas if as – Philip Thomas (Confront; 2019. Learn more here.)

Vital Creatures by ESSi

ESSiVital Creatures (Ramp Local; 2019)

Tom Rainey, Ingrid Laubrock, Mary HalvorsonCornelia Street Café, Dec. 30, 2014 (YouTube; 2015)

Pyroclasts by SUNN O)))

Sunn O))) – “Frost” (from Pyroclasts) (Southern Lord; due Oct. 25, 2019)

Alwynne PritchardRockaby (Kairos; 2019)
> Loser – Klaus-Steffes Holländer; March, March, March – Norwegian Naval Forces Band/Bjarte Engeset; Decoy – ensemble recherche, SWR Experimentalstudio; Rockaby – Alwynne Pritchard, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra/Ilan Volkov; Graffiti – Christian Dierstein, SWR Experimentalstudio; Glorvina – SWR Experimentalstudio; Irene Electric – Victoria Johnson, Thorolf Thuestad, children from the Philippine High School for the Arts

Two4 by John Cage(performed by Aisha Orazbayeva and Naomi Sato)

John CageTwo4 – Aisha Orazbeyeva, Naomi Sato (SN Variations; 2017)

Lagos Playground by Forbes Graham

Forbes GrahamLagos Playground (self-released; 2019)

Alpaca EnsembleOh No Love, You’re Not Alone (Øra Fonogram; 2015)

One Step Behind by Garcia Peoples

Garcia PeoplesOne Step Behind (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond; 2019)

Under the Wheels, Vol 1 by Howlin Rain

Howlin’ RainUnder the Wheels, Vol. 1 (Silver Current; 2019)

PARTITAS 1, 3, 4 by Shira Legmann

Johann Sebastian Bach – Partitas Nos. 1, 3, 4 – Shira Legman (self-released; 2019)

Thomas HamiltonPieces for Kohn (Somnath/Mental Experience; 1976/2019. Audio samples here.)

First ToneReactions (Spectrum Spools; due Oct. 25, 2019)

Cylene by François J. Bonnet & Stephen O’Malley

François J. Bonnet & Stephen O’MalleyCylene (Editions Mego; 2019)