Ralph Vaughan WilliamsA Pastoral Symphony; Symphony No. 4 – BBC Symphony Orchestra/Martyn Brabbins (Hyperion. Audio samples here.)

Jo KondoWorks for Piano – Satoko Inoue (hat[now]ART; 2001)

Musica Nova Contemplativa by Winfried Muhlum-Pyrapheros

Winfried Mühlum-PyrápherosMusica Nova Contemplativa (Experimentalplatte/Blume; 1970/2019)

The Deontic Miracle: Selections from 100 Models of Hegikan Roku by Catherine Christer Hennix

Catherine Christer HennixSelections from 100 Models of Hegikan Roku (Blank Forms; 1976/2019)

Neighborhoods by Ernest Hood

Ernest HoodNeighborhoods (Thistlefield/Freedom to Spend; 1975/2019)

Future Predictions by Celer

CelerFuture Predictions (self-released; 2020)

Steve RoachFirst Days (Bandcamp subscriber exclusive; 2019. Details here.)

Steve RoachSkeleton Era, Vol. 1 (Bandcamp subscriber exclusive; 2019. Details here.)

Steve RoachTrance Textures (Bandcamp subscriber exclusive; 2019. Details here.)

Frey & Babbitt Orchestral Works by The Windansea Symphony Orchestra

Milton BabbittRelata II; Jürg FreyOrchester 2 – Windansea Symphony Orchestra/Erik Carlson (self-released; 2020)

Kate CarrI’m Listening (Bandcamp subscriber exclusive; 2020. Details here.)

Overheard in Doi Saket by Kate Carr

Kate CarrOverheard in Doi Saket (3 Leaves; 2014)

Kate CarrThe Long Now (Bandcamp subscriber exclusive; 2020. Details here.)

Tiny Portraits – single by Kate Carr

Kate CarrTiny Portraits (Flaming Pines; 2016)

Kate CarrAre You Before (Bandcamp subscriber exclusive; 2020. Details here.)

Gabriella SmithNumber Nine – Latitude 49 (YouTube; 2018)

Gabriella SmithCarrot Revolution – Aizuri Quartet (YouTube; 2018)

Gabriella SmithSpring/Neap – PRISM Quartet (YouTube; 2018)

Gabriella SmithReflection Nebulae – Friction Quartet (YouTube; 2013)

Gabriella Smith – Quintet for String Quartet and Double Bass – Pacific Musical Society (YouTube; 2011)

Gabriella SmithHuascarán – Latitude 49 (YouTube; 2016)

Gabriella SmithInyo – Friction Quartet (YouTube; 2014)

More Field Recordings by Bang on a Can All-Stars

Gabriella SmithPanitao – Bang on a Can All-Stars (from More Field Recordings) (Cantaloupe Music; 2017)

Gabriella SmithTumblebird Contrails – Nashville Symphony/Giancarlo Guerrero (SoundCloud; 2016)

Duo Noire: Night Triptych by Duo Noire

Gabriella SmithLoop the Fractal Hold of Rain (from Night Triptych) – Duo Noire (New Focus; 2018)

Gabriella Smiththe heaventree of stars hung with humid nightblue fruit – Jordan Dodson (SoundCloud; 2017)

Gabriella SmithKisiabaton – Ensemble39 (SoundCloud; 2017)

Gabriella SmithHexacorallia – Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra (YouTube; 2019)

Craig ShepardOn Foot – Christian Wolff, Jürg Frey, Antoine Beuger, Tobias Liebezeit, Marcus Kaiser, Katie Porter (Edition Wandelweiser; 2011. Details here.)

On Foot: Brooklyn by Craig Shepard

Craig ShepardOn Foot: Brooklyn – Katie Porter, Devin Maxwell, Jack Callahan, Erik Carlson, Nick Didkovsky, Dan Joseph, Larry Polansky, Mathew Schumer, Kristen McKeon, Erin Rogers (Edition Wandelweiser; 2014)

9 Compositions (Iridium) 2006 by Anthony Braxton

Anthony Braxton – Compositions Nos. 350 and 351, from 9 Compositions (Iridium) 2006 (Firehouse 12; 2007)

Franz Schubert – String Quartet No. 13 in A minor (D. 804, “Rosamunde”); Quartettsatz in C minor (D. 703); String Quartet No. 10 in E-flat (D. 87) – Belcea Quartet (EMI/Warner Classics; 2002)

Ludwig van Beethoven – String Quartet No. 12 in E-flat (Op. 127) – Budapest String Quartet (Columbia Masterworks/Sony Classical; 1952/2018)

Richard Wagner/Lorin MaazelThe Ring without Words – Berlin Philharmonic/Lorin Maazel (EuroArts; 2001)

Ekmeles: A Howl, That Was Also A Prayer by Ekmeles

EkmelesA Howl, That Was Also a Prayer (New Focus; 2020)
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