Moniek DargeSounds of Sacred Places (Igloo/Kye; 1987/2011)

Beside Myself by crys cole

crys coleBeside Myself (Students of Decay; 2020)

The Taj-Mahal TravelersJuly 15, 1972 (CBS Sony/États-Unis; 1972/2019)

The Sky Opens by Steve Roach

Steve RoachThe Sky Opens (Projekt; 2020)

A Small Register Of Motion by Kevin Drumm

Kevin DrummA Small Register of Motion (self-released; 2020)

Tomás Cabadohistoria de la luz: cuaderno de guitarra – Tomás Cabado, Catriel Nievas (Edition Wandelweiser; 2019. Audio samples here.)

from pike by giacomo fiore and larry polansky

Giacomo Fiore and Larry Polanskyfrom pike (self-released; 2020)
> Ruth Crawford SeegerFolksong Arrangements; Nat Evansbranching streams flow in the dark; Larry Polansky34 (more) chords: Charles Dodge in Putney

Sivan Silver-Swartzuntitled 6 – Nigel Deane, Patrick Behnke, Tanner Pfeiffer, Tal Katz, Julius Tedaldi (Edition Wandelweiser; 2019. Audio sample here.)

Play What They Want by Man Forever

Man ForeverPlay What They Want (Thrill Jockey; 2017)

Romance by Oneida

OneidaRomance (Joyful Noise; 2018)

Company1983 (Honest Jon’s; 2020. Audio samples here.)

ea by The Alvaret Ensemble

The Alvaret Ensembleea (laaps; 2020)

RFG Inventions for Cello and Computer by Peter Zinovieff & Lucy Railton

Peter Zinofieff & Lucy RailtonRFG Inventions for Cello and Computer (PAN; 2020)

The Kid by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Kaitlyn Aurelia SmithThe Kid (Western Vinyl; 2017)

Liza LimThe Heart’s Ear – Ensemble für Neue Musik Zurich (hat[now]ART; 2002)
> Voodoo Child; Veil; Inguz; The Heart’s Ear; Philtre; Diabolical Birds

Rose City Band by Rose City Band

Rose City BandRose City Band (Thrill Jockey; 2019)

Gustav Mahler – Symphony No. 6 in A minor – San Francisco Symphony/Michael Tilson Thomas (SFS Media; 2002)

Can We Win by Shots

ShotsCan We Win (Regional Bears; 2018)

A gift like a hollow vessel by Arek Gulbenkoglu

Arek GulbenkogluA gift like a hollow vessel (Penultimate Press; 2018)

Samir AmarouchElectronica 1; Daniel ApodakaSuoni Notturni; Luis QuintanaSmudges Over Dripping Ink; Théo MéringeauHoquetus Mechanicus – Etudiants du Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris, musiciens de l’Ensemble Intercontemporain/Simon Proust (Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris/YouTube; 2019)

MayhemDaemon (Century Media; 2019)

EARS by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Kaitlyn Aurelia SmithEARS (Western Vinyl; 2016)

Riot EnsembleSpeak, Be Silent (Huddersfield Contemporary Records; 2019)
> Chaya CzernowynAyre: Towed through plumes, thicket, asphalt, sawdust and hazardous air I shall not forget the sound of; Anna Thorvaldsdóttir; Mirela IvičevićBaby Magnify/Lilith’s New Toy; Liza LimSpeak, Be Silent; Rebecca SaundersStirrings Still II

ShotsPrivate Hate (Careful Catalog; 2019)

Judgement by Gabi Losoncy

Gabi LonsoncyJudgement (caduc.; 2015)


Jürg FreyECHO.TRIO.FRAGILE.EYOT. (a new wave of jazz; due April 15, 2020)
> Paysage d’échos – Jürg Frey; Streichtrio – Angharad Davies, Johnny Chang, Stefan Thut; Equilibre fragile – Jürg Frey; Eyot – Antonio Correa