This project with the string quartet Seme explores the tradition of the accordion – a relatively modern instrument (c. 1820) that moved across the globe, often in an emigrant’s suitcase, from Europe to America and Africa, and informing new traditional music in Argentina, Brazil, USA, Canada, Madagascar, and Kenya, and beyond. In pairing an accordion with a string quartet, Claudio Prima and Seme create a rich and complex musical environment that investigates the expressive possibilities of traditional music, in its continuous flow and dialogue with modernity.

November 12, 2021
10:00 am
This event has passed

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The accordion has an ancient tradition, linked to the history of Europe that arrives in Scotland from Southern Italy going through the Basque Country to Eastern Europe. A pretty modern instrument that already crossed the globe, often in the emigrant’s suitcase, who transported it from Europe to America and Africa, being the root for the new traditional music in Argentina, Brazil, USA, Canada, Madagascar and Kenya. In recent years there have been more and more mixtures of different styles and in this original project, the accordion meets the string quartet (chamber music formation par excellence), to investigate the relationship between traditional and classical music, which inspired composers such as Liszt, Ligèty, Bartòk and Stravinsky, giving life to compositions that went down in history (the Hungarian Rhapsody and the Fantasia on popular themes by Liszt or the Romanian and Hungarian Dances by Bartòk). The original repertoire of the ensemble traces an ideal route between the traditions of Southern Europe and the classical world, with a cultured writing that preserves the instinct and passion of the popular style. The strings support the accordion creating a rich and complex musical environment, which thoroughly investigates the expressive possibilities of traditional music, in its continuous flow and dialogue with modernity.

The production of the video was made in Salento at Torre di Sant’Emiliano. The beauty of the Salento coast, the first strip to the east of Europe, the originality of tower’s architecture was the ideal setting to film the ensemble’s performance, which presents to the international audience, in this evocative context, the debut album Enjoy. Moon fragment is produced by Ipe Ipe in collaboration with VisionIntoArt within “Programmazione Puglia Sounds Producers 2020/2021 della Regione Puglia (FSC 2014/2020 Patto per la Puglia – Investiamo nel vostro futuro)”


Claudio Prima accordion, voice
Vera Longo
violin, voice
Paola Barone
Cristian Musìo
Marco Schiavone

DOP Stefano Tramacere

Editing Cosimo Pastore

Cameramen Cosimo Pastore, Stefano Tamborino

Sound engineer Emanuele Flandoli

Thanks to Comune di Otranto, Silvia Negro, Paola Prestini, Marcelo Bulgarelli, Federico De Luca, Domenico Coduto, Vito De Lorenzi

Nov 12

Claudio Prima & Seme: Moon Fragment