El Puente Beacon @ MS50 183 S3rd Street - (between Roebling Ave and Driggs Ave.) Brooklyn, NY 11237

May 28, 2022
2:00 pm
This event has passed

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Student CoLab is National Sawdust’s flagship education program for middle school composers and artists in partnership with El Puente Beacon. This performance is the culmination of a three-month program in music composition, songwriting, spoken word, and visual art for young people at El Puente Beacon Leadership Program in Williamsburg. The program features Juana Luna, Teaching Artist. This multimedia concert features new music voice, guitar, violin, as well as visual art projection, all written, designed and performed by students at MS50.

Student CoLab aims to engage young people in this idea by using the power of music discovery to inspire interdisciplinary art-making which reflects their own experience of the world, impacting both their lives and the lives of people within their community. Our partners, El Puente Beacon Leadership Program, have a mission to inspire and nurture leaders for peace and justice.

This journey of artistic discovery and self-expression empowers young people to have a voice on issues that affect them, while also enabling them to explore and fulfill their potential as creative beings.

Student CoLab is led by teaching artist Juana Luna, cantora, and songwriter. In addition to being a musical freelancer, Juana is a songwriter and teaching artist for the Lullaby Project and Big Note Little Note, both at Carnegie Hall NYC. 

Teaching Artists and Performers: 

Juana Luna, lead teaching artist, and vocalist
Ayanna Williams, assistant teaching artist
Pala Garcia, violinist
Federico Díaz, guitarist
Sofia Quirno, visual artist

Student composers:
Joshua Drysdale
Maya Drysdale
Eniah Middleton
Genairis Toribio
Isis Swan

May 28

National Sawdust's Student CoLab - in partnership with El Puente Beacon Leadership Program