with Anthony Roth Costanzo, Sean Gandini + Kati Ylä-Hokkala (Gandini Juggling), Magos Herrera, Raquel Acevedo Klein, Nico Muhly, Paola Prestini, Carl Hancock Rux, and Jeffrey Zeigler, hosted by NS+ series curator Elena Park

May 2, 2022
7:00 pm
This event has passed

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Don’t miss a festive and zany evening of NationalSawdust+ artists in the intimate Brooklyn space, with performances and conversation bookended by cocktails and dinner. The starry lineup will feature countertenor Anthony Roth Costanzo*, Sean Gandini* + Kati Ylä-Hokkala* (Gandini Juggling), singers Magos Herrera and Carl Hancock Rux, conductor Raquel Acevedo Klein, composer/pianist Nico Muhly, composer Paola Prestini, and cellist Jeffrey Zeigler, hosted by NS+ series curator Elena Park. The gala program will include works by Prestini, Philip Glass, and Steve Reich - made complete with juggling, of course!

You can support the gala in two ways - purchase tickets and/or make a contribution here.

Table price: $20,000 (8 seats)
Each table will include up to two additional guest artists for a total of 10
Individual Tickets: Main floor $2,500 & Balcony $1,000

If you would like to contribute by check, wire transfer, or stock contributions, please contact Brian Berkopec or Kim Chan at gala@nationalsawdust.org.

National Sawdust is closely monitoring the evolving Covid-19 situation and will follow appropriate protocols for in-person gatherings.

*National Sawdust is grateful to the Metropolitan Opera for releasing its artists, currently preparing for the production of Philip Glass’s Akhnaten, for this special event.

Photo credit: Jill Steinberg

May 2

NationalSawdust+ Gala – Juggling + Song: Necessary Movement