FREE WITH RSVP: A collaborative space for all to explore tools, skills, and rituals for improving our listening and achieving expansive futures... featuring Adji Cissoko, Val Jeanty, Molly Joyce, Laurel Lawson, Jihye Lee, Aditi Mangaldas, Marisa Michelson, MIMS, Miriam Parker, Tiffany Rea-Fisher, Alice Sheppard, Emily Wells, and Kara Wilkes with Additional Contributions from eddy kwon and Lynne Procope

June 15, 2022
10:00 am
This event has passed

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The Future Is...Creative Forum is designed to bring the general public and accomplished composers, choreographers, dancers, and musicians together through interactive masterclasses, panel discussions, featured speakers, digital presentations, and more. Through this collaborative and generative space, creators and audience members will explore tools, play, practices, and ritual work. Together–in both the local and virtual world–we'll meditate on the forum's two key themes: how can we improve listening practices and achieve expansive futures?

JUNE 15 ///

10:00 AM / eddy kwon - Moderator //
Welcome Remarks
10:10 AM / Lynne Procope //
Grounding Reading
10:20 AM / Kara Wilkes - ’22 Fellow // Work-In-Progress Virtual Presentation
11:00 AM / Miriam Parker - ‘22 Fellows // “What have you learned?"
12:20 PM / Jihye Lee - ’22 Fellow // Work-In-Progress Live Presentation
1:00 PM /// Lunch
2:45 PM / Alice Shepard & Laurel Lawson // “Kinetic Light”
4:15 PM / MIMS // Virtual Worldbuilding
Playtest Workshop
5:30 PM / Lynne Procope & eddy kwon //
Interactive Summary and Send Off

Jun 15

The Future Is… Creative Forum (Day 2)