An interactive concert series that celebrates music and diversity with special guests that will introduce children and families to the rich global culture in New York and beyond.

March 5, 2023
11:00 am
This event has passed

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Timbalooloo is an interactive concert series led by founder and internationally-renowned clarinetist Oran Etkin that will introduce children to a new musical tradition each month with the help of a special guest. The Timbalooloo method brings instruments to life and encourages children to “talk” through music, activating your child’s imagination and encouraging their self-expression. Designed to teach your children complex musical concepts through age-appropriate games and stories, Timbalooloo makes music fun and educational.

March 5 will feature renowned early-jazz expert Vince Giordano, who will bring in his collection of vintage low-end instruments: the tuba, bass-sax, and a metal upright bass as well as the banjo. Vince and Oran will take the children on a journey starting with the sounds of Mardi Gras in New Orleans, traveling up the Mississippi and all the way to New York. Vince is a Grammy Award-winning bandleader of The Nighthawks and composer of music for HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and numerous films and is considered one of the leading experts on American music of the 1920s/30s.

Children ages 2 and up are invited to attend. For this performance, vaccines are recommended for children 4 years old and younger but are required for everyone ages 5 and up. All guests are required to wear N95, KF94, or KN95 masks for the duration of the show; child and adult masks will also be provided upon check-in. For more information about National Sawdust’s COVID-19 policies, please click here.

Oran Etkin Bio

Oran Etkin has been described as “Ebullient” by the New York Times, voted #1 rising star clarinetist by DownBeat Magazine Critics Poll, and is featured on numerous recordings, including a Grammy Award-winning album. French newspaper Libération chose his Paris concert as one of the top 6 musical events of the year, calling it "A concert of weightlessness, class, spark, inspiration, and sharing. Magic uninterrupted… for such is the music of Etkin: sensitive to the exchange with the audience.”

Etkin created a method called Timbalooloo, in which instruments come alive and speak through their music, inspiring children to express themselves by making their instruments come alive and speak the language of music. Etkin and the teaching artists he has trained have reached thousands of children in New York City through in-home group Timbalooloo classes and partnerships with schools and pre-schools. Timbalooloo has also partnered with Mannes Prep at The New School, Mladi Ladi Jazz in the Czech Republic, American Speech Language Hearing Association, Kennedy Center, Newport Festival, North Sea Jazz Fest, Herbie Hancock Institute, UNESCO and other organizations worldwide.  Etkin's latest Timbalooloo album "Finding Friends Far From Home" was recorded on location in Zimbabwe, the Czech Republic, Turkey, and China. Whether standing in front of an orchestra or sitting cross-legged on the floor surrounded by a gaggle of children, Etkin’s work is about imagination, expression, playfulness, and emotion. It draws its strength from the conviction that the true power of music lies not just in the individual's pursuit of technical mastery but in the joyful and soulful creation of community.

Mar 5

Timbalooloo Jazz for Kids with Oran Etkin and Vince Giordano